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CalSky.com - the world's most complete astronomical calendar
Wetter am Albispass - mit Blitzdetektor
astro!nfo.org - Everything you ever wanted to know about astronomy

My life-long interest in astronomy and space took me to the European Space Agency (ESA), the International Space University (ISU) and to work in the field of spaceborne and airborne remote sensing at the Remote Sensing Laboratories of the University of Zurich.
I moderate several parts of the astronomical information system astro!nfo, and focus on my astronomical online calculator and information system CalSky. Do not miss this chance for close-up views of the moon and the planets. You will find them in CalSky: you don't even have to go outdoors and look through a telescope to take a glance at the twinkling stars... but if you do, you will be fascinated even more...


Observational Astronomy

As a child of 8 years old, I got hooked on the stars. Ever since, they have not let me escape their grip. Yes, like all 'real' amateur astronomers, I do also own a telescope. Though I like my 10" Meade reflector, it is only rarely put into the boot of my car and taken to a nearby col; in the end, it's just too heavy, and a smaller 'scope might have been a better choice ...
You can visit my private Weatherstation Albis, Zurich


Computational Astronomy

Since my early teenage years I have been fascinated by predicting astronomical events. I got into celestial mechanics first using compasses and tables, later a pocket calculator and nowadays a good personal computer or workstation. I still spend a great deal of time developing astronomical software: the opportunities are just incredible!
The most current work is available by accessing the astronomical information server CalSky.
Rendering der Erde mit neuestem Satellitenbild-Mosaik
Synthetic rendering of Earth
using an up-to-date weather satellite cloud mosaic
CalSky A. Barmettler



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