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About my Work

Currently, I am working as a freelancer on several astronomy related projects.

Until 2009 I was working with technologies SAR and InSAR Processing in the field of radar remote sensing at the RSL part of the University of Zürich.

RSL - Remote Sensing Laboratories, Zürich, Switzerland

The goal was to generate high resolution images of a large variety of SAR sensors - ranging from X-band down to VHF, from narrowband to UWB, and both spaceborne as well as airborne.
Several times a year, I was involved in flight campaigns. For example, for the Space Shuttle Mission SRTM, we put a corner reflector on glacier at 4000m asl just in front of the Matterhorn.

1.25m corner reflector for SRTM on Breithornplateau at 4000m asl. During the mission, the corner had to stand winds up to 150km/h and 100cm of fresh snow. February 2000, RSL

I was also in contact with merging DGPS data with positions of the airplane's Inertial Measuring Unit (IMU) for better motion compensation, and was interested on the quality assessment of spaceborne interferometric SAR images.

European Space Agency ESA - ESOC Operations Center
Before joining the University of Zurich I was scientific assistant for the European Space Agency (ESA) in Darmstadt, Germany. There, I was in charge of planning and realization of extensions for the ESA Ground Stations for future space missions.



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